Students across MIT are coming together to build the future!

What's Incube?

We’re a rapidly growing community of creators who share one simple desire: to collaborate on our passions with amazing people. At the beginning of each semester we pitch ideas and ongoing projects, make teams, and build the bleeding edge together. With a strong focus on technology, our projects vary as widely as our personalities, from software to hardware, zany to industrial, local to global, and beyond.

We all meet up once a week to create our projects, share ideas, and enjoy good food. People freely come and go from our collaborative group space. Our community members' involvement ranges from just building a couple hours per week at meetups, to dropping out of MIT to pursue the full-time creation of our ventures, with most of us somewhere in between.

At the end of each semester we share our projects and interface with our incredible sponsors, including angel investors and venture capital firms, for those interested in taking things further or working with startups.

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Projects and Ventures


An online platform that allows restaurants to upload pictures of their foods and create photo menus that their customers can browse on their mobile de...

Lean On Me

Lean On Me automatically and anonymously matches peers to create crowd-sourced texting networks of instantaneous support across organizations. We envi...


Websee is the collective mind of the web that we create together.


Gavel is a project expo judging system that uses fancy math to get good results. It was first used at HackMIT 2015, and it's been used at dozens of ot...

A Compositional Object-Based Approach to Learning Physical Dynamics

The Neural Physics Engine is an object-based neural network architecture for learning predictive models of intuitive physics.


Your personal wiki. Links your notes together to organize people, thoughts, and research.


Decentralized computing with Ethereum.

Fast Style Transfer

Fast, high quality style transfer in TensorFlow!

Neural Style

An implementation of neural style in TensorFlow.


We're a student group designing an autonomous formula SAE car with the intention of competing in Germany in 2018.


A crowdsourced flashcard repository for remembering everything you learn, using the magic of spaced repetition learning!


Lumen is a menu bar application for macOS that magically sets the screen brightness based on your screen contents.


Carbide is a new kind of programming environment.

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